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Best Baitcasting Rod for Fly Fishing 2022      

KastKing Perigee II Baitcasting Rod

An excellent rod from KastKing, Perigee II offers a wide range of features and unmatched capabilities.

If you have ever felt that you could not find what you were looking for with other manufacturers, you can find your match with Perigee II.

These bars begin with a Toure 24-ton carbon matrix wrapped in extra carbon fiber at four computer-controlled angles to ensure consistency and reliable strength.

Once the space is ready, it is equipped with Fuji guides and tuned graphite rails.

The Perigee II is available in 17 different configurations, including the One Piece, Two Piece, and 2 + 1 models with an additional tip section to provide a more versatile feel.

The casting models are available in 6 ‘, 6’6 “, and 7’ configurations in medium light, medium, medium heavy, and heavy power, all with fast action, ideal for bass fishing.

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Key Specifications:
  • Construction: Toray 24-ton graphite
  • Sizes: 6’6”, 6’7”, 7’, 7’1”, 7’4”, 7’6”
  • Action: Moderate, moderate-fast, fast
  • Power: Medium-light, medium, medium-heavy, heavy
2.St Croix Mojo Bass

Mojo Bass aims to combine the power required to cast heavy lure and jigs and the sophistication required for lightweight pinpoint flipping applications.

This combination gives the user the best of both worlds and really makes a versatile rod.

You can probably fish this stick all season long, so if you’re on a limited budget and looking for a great all-rounder for your bat casting, this might be it.

Lightweight presentation techniques cannot combine maximum rods with sufficient casting power when required.

The space is made of SC-II graphite which is the premium graphite material of ST Crooks used on all their top rod ranges.

The spaces are created using a process owned by St. Croix called Integrated Poly Curve. The purpose of this process is to eliminate the natural transfer points that you find in the curve of any rod.

Eliminating these points helps to provide greater sensitivity from the tip to the handle and results in a higher power and smoother action rod.

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Baitcasting Rods 2022 9
  • High modulus SC-II graphite
  • Kigan Master Hand 3D guides
  • Aluminum oxide inserts
  • Fuji ECS reel seat
  • 5 year warranty

3. Ugly Stik Elite Baitcasting Combo

The Ugly Stik GX2 is known worldwide for its durability and strength.

While there is no question about how strong they are, sensible anglers will quickly tell you that the GX2 does not have the sense of high premium rods.

Ugly Stik Elite solves this problem by adding 35% more graphite to the space, making it lighter and more sensitive than before.

This rod offers the same UglyTech architecture and UglyTuff guides that make the GX2 so special.

The Ugly Stik adds premium cork handles with an embossed logo, a cushioned blank style reel seat, and a patented clear tip design, so cutting is easy to detect.

The Ugly Stik Elite casting rod is available in 6’6 “and 7” lengths in ultra light, medium, or medium heavy power and moderate fast, fast or extra fast action.

The Ugly Stik Elite is a stick that you can count on for a cheap price.

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Key Specifications:
  • Construction: Uglytech carbon and graphite
  • Sizes: 6’6”, 7’
  • Action: Moderate-fast, fast, extra-fast
  • Power: Ultra-light, medium, medium-heavy

4. Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

The Bait Casting Rod’s Daewoo Tetula Casting Rod line is designed with one thing in mind, which is as light as possible.

Tatula, made using Daiwa’s X45 Bias, empties the lower surface of the resin, which generally contributes to the weight of most modern fishing rods.

However, weight loss does not come at the expense of strength, accuracy or sensitivity.

The Tetula is a very capable rod with a suitable lightweight beat casting rail that can throw some very small lures with point accuracy and very subtle presentation.

The Fuji Alconite guides are some of the best available and attach to the custom lightweight rail set. The hardware rods on these bars match the spaces perfectly.

Available in lengths from 6’10 “to 7’7” and with a good range of powers and actions, Tatula is suitable for freshwater lure fishing.

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  • SVF Super Volume Fiber graphite
  • Fuji alconite ring guides
  • Micro pitch blank finish
  • Bias graphite fiber construction

5.Cadence CR7B Baitcasting Rods

One bait caster that definitely makes headlines is Cadence’s new CR7B bait casting rod.

This small company is making waves by providing the best materials made from the best materials available at a price that more serious anglers can never expect.

The CR7B starts with a 40-ton graphite blank for unmatched strength and lightness. The guides are made of stainless steel with SIC inserts, and each guide is heavily wrapped and epoxy for maximum durability.

Cadence offers this rod in 11 different configurations, with options ranging from moderate to extra sharp and medium to heavy.

Other premium appointments, such as the EVA-printed tapered rear cork grip and a genuine Fuji reel set, further complement this premium but affordable 2-piece casting outfit.

Key Specifications:
  • Construction: 40-Ton graphite
  • Sizes: 6’6”, 6’9”, 6’10”, 7’, 7’3”, 7’4”, 7’6”
  • Action: Moderate, moderate-fast, fast, extra-fast
  • Power: Medium, medium-heavy, heavy

6.KastKing Speed Demon Pro

KastKing has gained a reputation as one of the fastest growing fishing manufacturers on the planet, and their Speed ​​Demon Pro tournament bars are their most prestigious bass rods.

The first thing you will notice about this stick is the aggressive Halloween-esque style that separates this stick from the pack.

It starts with KastKing’s Elite Carbon Blank with rod carbon nanotube technology, which helps improve lifting strength and power by reducing weight by up to 30% compared to a typical graphite blank.

Premium appointments such as the Fuji Alconite Guides, a Fuji Reel set, and custom Winn Golf-style grips further complement this rod.

The Speed ​​Daemon Probe Casting Model comes in 14 configurations, each designed for a specific basin technique.

The rod comes in sizes from 6’8 ” to 8 ” and comes in moderate, moderate-sharp, and medium to extra heavy in sharp actions and powers.
This rod is comparable to the top end rods, which cost more than double, so it is a solid option for those who purchase a premium rod at a relatively low price.

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Baitcasting Rods 2022 10
Key Specifications:
  • Construction: Elite Carbon composite
  • Sizes: 6’8, 6’10”, 7’, 7’2”, 7’3”, 7’5”, 7’6”, 7’10”, 7’11”, 8’
  • Action: Moderate, moderate-fast, fast
  • Power: Medium, medium-heavy, heavy, extra-heavy

7. Okuma Scott Martin Concept Rods TCS

Designed with tournament boss Angler in mind, they are still usable for anyone.

Just because the concept of TCS is intended for tournament fishermen does not mean that they are exclusively for them.

Any fisherman can take advantage of the balance, accuracy of casting, strength and strike sensitivity built into these bars.

The increase in detail on these bait casting bars is noteworthy. The handle has a split EVA / cork design that combines great grip action and really contributes to the overall stylish design.

The frame of the guides is made of ALPS stainless steel, which means better strength and durability. Aluminum oxide inserts are specially designed for use with braided fishing line. The guides on the casting models are sized to a medium size which gives better knot clearance.

There is a wide range of choices between casting and spinning variations. For each type of rod there is a further choice of length and strength. The casting range starts at 6’6 “and goes up to 7’11”.

Then you have a choice of medium, medium heavy or extra heavy so if you intend to throw some heavy lure for large species then a suitable action rod is available for lure up to about 2oz.

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  • 30-Ton carbon, ultra sensitive blank
  • C-40X carbon reel seat
  • Aluminum oxide guide inserts
  • EVA split grip
  • ALPS stainless steel guide frames

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