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The Best Fishing Shirts for Women

If you are fishing in hot weather, you are dealing with a double whammy when it comes to the sun. First, the sun’s rays shine with force from above. And second, the reflection on the water can make the bounce-back of these rays just as cruel.

This is a lesson you don’t want to learn, I promise. Sunburn under the chin is not only a pain in the back, it is not a good shape. And I will refrain from saying that, as a woman, I also consider the effects of the sun on my skin in the long run.

Personally, I wear these shirts all summer. The long sleeves and the lightweight hoods attached to the buffs don’t just translate to hot days on the water. I keep cooler and safer when hiking, riding or hunting in early fall.

Between sun protection, stain resistance, odor repellent, insect repellent, moisture removal capabilities, and – of course – stylish sleeves, these are my choices for the season. And whether you’re freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, this list has something for you.

Best Bugproof Shirt: Simms BugStopper Hoody

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Hello everyone to the Simms BugStopper Collection ($ 79)! If you are not private then welcome to the club. I know nobody loves mosquitoes, but I especially hate them. And yet, I can count on Sims to go out in Big Stopper gear. It really works. This hoodie in particular is a great addition to the wardrobe.

Treated with insect repellent, this permethrin-treated shirt is a bit heavier than the classic sunscreen but not much. At 100% polyester, it absorbs sweat and dries quickly. It has pockets for phones and keys but not much, and a nice long half zipper.

This shirt will change your life if you find yourself in small places. Simms BugStopper also offers leggings, hats, gaiters, and sun gloves. I’m telling you, this Insect Shield equipment is where you are in the days when you are defeating the army.


  • UPF: 50
  • Insect Shield technology
  • Anti-odor technology

Best Short-Sleeved Shirt: Patagonia Women’s Capilene Cool Merino Shirt

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Wool in the heat? I know. This is probably not the kind of wool you are thinking about. It’s a blend of recycled wool and polyester that you can feel great about in many ways.

I’m about to turn into a light patina merino wool when it’s hot. The feel of the shirt ($ 59) is soft, silky, and barely there.

But, when you’re out and about, Marino’s gait and ability to stay prove their worth once again, even in the hottest conditions – especially the hottest.

As a layered piece for mood situations, it’s perfect. And by itself, it’s just a dang good shirt. RIP all your favorite cotton tees. Marino continues to carry the cake on many levels.


  • Fair-Trade certified
  • Recycled materials
  • Naturally odor-repelling

Best Sun Jacket: Columbia PFG Tidal Spray II Jacket

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This is the latest addition to my “I’ll Wear It All Summer” collection. This lightweight pull-over jacket ($ 65) is an ideal weight for almost all warm temperatures, and the hood climbs easily for even more protection from the sun, wind, or light rain.

The velcro closure on the wrist allows for easy adjustment, and the snap button closure extends from the chest to the chin for a variety of situations. I wish the dual pockets were a simple kangaroo pocket, but they work just fine.

It’s also really cute and comfortable. This is one of the clothes that people ask for. Batak floral prints are really vibrant and fun.

Although I’m not a fan of ponytail holes (seriously, who uses them in anything?), It doesn’t bother me that it exists. It runs a little, but not enough to get me above my normal size.

A ventilated back allows deep breathing. And for storage or easy transportation, it easily packs in your pocket.


  • UPF: 40
  • Water-resistant
  • Wind-resistant

Best Long-Sleeved Shirt: AFTCO Samurai Long-Sleeved Sun Protection Shirt

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One of AFTCO’s most popular women’s shirts, their Samurai long-sleeved fishing shirt ($ 35) 40+ UPF protects from the sun, a technology that repels odors, and offers elastane for comfort.

It also has AFGUARD stain protection when the boat hits and your coffee hits your chest. We’ve all been there, right? Thumbholes protect hands and people just like these shirts.

It received a 5-star rating, and for good reason. And at $ 35, you almost can’t afford it.


  • UPF: 40
  • Stain-resistant
  • Odor-resistant

Simms BiComp Fishing Hoodie

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Simms BiComp Fishing Hoodie ($ 89) is a super doper light hybrid between a button-down and fishing hoodie. And I’m here for it. For extremely hot days, the weight of this fabric is reasonably lighter than feathers. And the Snap Button feature makes it feel a bit more like a cover-up than your normal hoodie.

Thoughtful components, such as extra-long sleeves with thumbnails, provide sun protection for the tops of your hands. Sunglasses have been cleaned in the corner. And zipped pockets prevent items from getting lost in transit or casting.

I really like BiComp. It’s going to be very wearable this summer.


  • UPF: 30+
  • Odor-resistant

Best Lightweight Sun Hoodie: Orvis Women’s PRO Sun Hoodie

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Ahh! Hoody The shape of bee fishing everywhere! I like my hoodies, and I can’t get enough of them.

When the Orvis PRO hoodie arrived ($ 59 for sale) it felt like a fishing rod. It was very light, not skin tight, and it was breathable.

Orvis, in my opinion, really makes their size nails. For transparency, I’m a pretty normal American woman, average, 5’6 ″, classic L / 12 in size. I have breasts and curves and there is a constant disturbing feeling that when most companies make sizes for women they forget about breasts. It’s just one thing.

And don’t forget about breasts! This is honestly a miracle. And whenever I wear some of them, I remember that it is a dress made for women, not in spite of us. An honor and a joy, that is.

However, with sun hoodies, I think they are often tight. And tightness negates too much cooling. We need a little room to breathe, but much more and you feel like you’re wearing a trash can. Very little, and you feel like you’re in a sausage casing.

So, with that long hesitation, what I’m saying is that Orvis nailed this hoodie. These are all right things.


  • UPF: 50+
  • Polygiene odor control

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