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Best Fly Fishing Nets in 2022

More and more people are adopting the game of fly fishing. But like any other activity, the best way to make sure you have a good time and catch these fish is to have the right equipment.

One of these pieces of equipment should be a good fly fishing net. There are so many great options out there, we can understand how difficult it can be for you to choose one. That’s why we’ve put together an instant guide for buyers as well as a few fly fishing nets available in the market.

1. Fishpond Nomad Emerger Net

FishPond Nomad Emerger Fly Fishing nets are made of carbon fiber and fiberglass frames. Not only are these fly fishing nets durable, but they are also floating, waterproof, and extremely light, weighing less than 1lb, so beekeepers will hardly see them hanging on their backs.

With a handle length of 12 inches and a total length of 32 inches, this fly fishing landing is an ideal length for landing with fish-like trout.

The fly fishing net has a large rubber net bag with small holes that will easily handle both small and large rainbow and brown trout. The net bag is also clean so as not to scare off any trophy trout.

The only thing to be aware of with this fly fishing net is the size of the medium length. Some fly anglers catch it while passing through densely wooded areas, and you may find yourself entangling your net more often than you like.

But, to be honest, you shouldn’t experience this problem too often, especially if you’re walking in the river.

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  • Material: Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass composite, Rubber net
  • Length: 32 inches
  • Head: 9.8W x 18.8L inches
  • Weight: 0.95 lbs

2. Orvis Nomad Camo Net Series

If you are a serious fisherman and catch a lot of fish from a boat or a fast river, then the Orvis Nomad Camo Net series is the best choice for you. Yes, this landing net is not cheap but the quality of construction is excellent and you can use it in many fishing situations.

The guide version of the Orvis Nomad Camo Net series is used by many professional anglers around the world. If you want a little more tact, go for the medium-length net. If you want to be active and have your trout net in your wedding belt, then the hand net version of the Orvis Nomad Camo Net series is your way.

Just like the Fish Pound Nomad Emerger, the Oros Nomad Chemot series is made of carbon fiber and floats if you accidentally drop it into the water. No matter which version of this great web you are going for, they all come with rubber bags for transportation and storage.

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  • Hand Net: 25½”L, weight .63 lbs. dimensions: 8½”W x 17″L, depth: 11″
  • Mid-Length Net: 37″L, weight: .88 lbs., dimensions: 13″W x 18″L, depth: 12″
  • Guide Net: 55″L, weight: 1.6 lbs., dimensions: 16″W x 24¾”L, depth 14″

3. PLUSINNO Fly Fishing Net

Another great budget landing net you can find is the Plesino Landing Net. For about ً 30 you get the best quality landing net that is both light and durable, and the wood finish means you can see any beekeeper swinging on its back with this fishing net.

These fly fishing nets come with a grappling handle, a hoop for incorporating free magnetic releases, and a well-shaped head that can fit the smallest breeds inside. Nets also float, so if you drop it, you’ll have a chance to get it back.

The mesh is made of standard rubber and nylon material and is a clear mesh. Holes in the mesh are made to easily remove the hook, but they are slightly larger and any small trout is more likely to fall out of it, causing a slight tangle.

Overall this is a solid net for medium-sized fish and the quality is surprisingly good for this net which is very cheap. If you are on a tight budget or want to buy a young beekeeper their first landing net, this is a good choice.

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  • Material: Wood & rubber mesh netting
  • Length: 23.6 inch
  • Head: 14.56 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight: 7.4 ounces

4. Frabill Power Catch

Frabill Power Catch is our # 1 choice for a large fly fishing net. And when we say big, we mean big. It comes in a 26 ″ x 30 ″ standard version with 48 ″ handles and 38 ″ net depth. If it’s not big enough for the fish you’re targeting, there’s a 48 ″ depth version. Frabill Power Catch is an ideal tool if you are behind large pike or musk or even saltwater species such as salmon or small halibut.

If you still don’t think the Power Catch version is big enough then there’s the Frabill 8450 Power Catch Big Kahuna (pictured above). It comes with a hoop size of 32 ″ x 41 ″ and even 40 ″ x 44. Fraud landing nets are not cheap. But when you target these large fish, whether in freshwater or in brackish water, you should not compromise on quality. There is nothing better than losing a lifetime of fish because of a bad product.

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  • 26″ x 30″ wide
  • 38″ depth (48″ depth option)

5. Freestone Rubber Mesh Net

If you are an angler looking for a fly fishing net for a small price, you can’t go wrong with a Freestone rubber mesh net.

Built with a stiff wooden frame, this fly fishing landing net part is visible. It’s tough and long-lasting but not so enjoyable, so make sure you don’t skip it unless it’s attached to the free magnetic release that comes with it.

The basket is a clear rubber mesh so the fish cannot see it and is made of standard nylon material. The holes are small, making them ideal for catching and releasing small breeds such as brook trout.

The soft rubber bag measures 16.75 inches wide and 10.75 inches deep, so it’s not ideal for large fish, and trying to remove 20-inch brown trout in it can be a challenge.

With a total length of only 25 inches and being quite light, this landing sits comfortably on net fly anglers and does not get entangled in any dense bush around the river.

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  • Material: Hardwood and clear rubber mesh
  • Length: 25 inches
  • Head: 16.75 x 10.75 inches
  • Weight: 0.85 lbs

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