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6 Best Flying Tying Kits in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

A fly tying kit can be a great way to start tying your own flies. We’ll show you what to pay attention to.

Fly tying kits make it easy if you are new to fly tying as they include all the gear you need to tie your first fly. Before making a purchase though, you think about what kind of flies you plan on tying. Is your focus going to be on classic trout flies, streamers for pike or bass, or maybe even on big saltwater flies?

A fly tying kit is not only for the beginner though. It can also come in handy for more experienced fly tiers. For example, when you want to tie flies on the go on a trip, a kit with all the “ingredients” is a good way to make sure you don’t forget any essentials.

1. Scientific Anglers Beginner Fly Tying Kit

The Scientific Anglers Deluxe Kit really has everything you need to make some of the best bees that will be biting all the fish. From tools to hooks and high-quality content, you’ll find it here. This kit includes a wedge, a bobbin, threader, 32 hooks, scissors, temple pliers, bodkin, wire, thread, feathers, and much more (a great gift!)

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Heavy-duty vise                                                       Thread Boban

Boban Threader                                                       Temple tongs

Scissors                                                                      Hair sticker


2 colors of dubbing                                                 Chenille

Marabou                                                                   2 colors hackle

Elk hair                                                                      Peacock herl

Pheasant tail                                                            Poly yarn

1 color thread                                                          Fine copper wire



 Nice carrying case

Easy to get acquainted with the tools and materials.

Good for someone who has never tied before


Limited tools (no halves or rubbish removal, head cement, wax)

Limited content (only one color thread and 2 types of dubbing)

The least number of patterns you can tie.

2. Creative Angler Deluxe Fly Tying Kit

The most famous fly tying kit. Everything you need to start tying the bees (voice, scissors, temple tongs, etc.). Includes high-quality materials (temple, dubbing, chenille, etc.). Durable, easy to carry case. Books and DVDs The kit includes: Sizes 8, 12, 14 Hooks Gray Dubbing Olive Dubbing Medium Cinnabar Marabau Grizzly Temple Brown Temple Black Thread Fine Copper Wire Peacock Herring Phantom Tail Elk Hair White Poly Yarn Ways Scissors

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Rotary Ways                                                                  Scissors

Boban                                                                              Bodkin

Boban Threader                                                           Temple tongs

Hair sticker                                                                    Garbage collector

Materials Included:

  • Grizzly & brown hackle
  • Dubbing
  • Marabou
  • Peacock herl
  • Pheasant tail
  • Elk’s hair
  • Chenille
  • Poly yarn
  • Black thread
  • Copper wire
  • Hooks sizes 8, 12, 14
  • Clear plastic box with multiple slots to hold thread, hooks, and beads


Nice organizer and case

Vice has a rotary function (most beginner vices do not have a rotary function)


Expensive for the quality of materials

Limited amount of flies you can tie

Poor quality vice

3. Wet Fly Deluxe Fly Tying Kit

This is a great, budget-friendly starter kit for people who know just about the world of fly tying and can help you figure out if you want to tie your bees. It comes with a handy case that organizes and stores all your devices and content at once. It includes almost everything except whip finisher and bodkin, but in terms of price, it’s a great solution for exploring the world of fly-tipping.

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Tying Kits For Fishing 10


Ways                                                                            Scissors

Temple tongs                                                             Boban

Boban Threader                                                        Hair sticker

Books and DVDs

Materials Included:

  • Hooks sizes 8, 12, 14
  • Grey dubbing
  • Olive dubbing
  • Chenille
  • Marabou
  • Grizzly hackle
  • Brown hackle
  • Black thread
  • Fine copper wire
  • Peacock herl
  • Pheasant tail
  • Elk’s hair
  • White poly yarn



Book and DVD

Easy to get started


Limited tools

Limited materials

Lower quality materials

4. Hairline Fly Tying Kit with Premium Tools

The Hairline Fly Tying Material Kit is definitely one of the best fly tying kits for beginner fly tires. The kit includes 48 different materials, vice versa, and many important tools. All materials are premium and of the highest quality. The kit also includes plenty of all hooks and wave threads. With this setup you can easily tie hundreds of different bees.

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Tying Kits For Fishing 11


C-clamp vise                                                                 Boban

Scissors                                                                        Temple tongs

Hair sticker                                                                 Bodkin

Half barrier tool                                                         Garbage is gone

Materials Included:

  • Thread (multiple colors)
  • Dubbing (several colors)
  • Marabou
  • Rabbit strips
  • Hare’s mask
  • Peacock herl
  • Pheasant tail
  • Partridge feathers
  • Turkey
  • Elk’s hair
  • Deer hair
  • Chenille (multiple colors)
  • Hackle
  • Hooks (wet and dry fly in various sizes)
  • Beads
  • Wires


High-Quality materials

Abundance of materials

Easy to follow tutorial



Minimal dry fly patterns

5. Return Deluxe Flying Tying Starter Kit

Wapsi Deluxe Fly Tying Starter Kit is an extended version of their popular starter kit. This kit includes all the tools and materials to tie 17 of today’s best fly patterns.

The kit comes with a DVD detailing the steps of each pattern.

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Tying Kits For Fishing 12

Tools included:

C-clamp vise                                                                 Boban

Bodkin                                                                          Temple tongs

Head cement                                                              Scissors

Includes fly patterns that can create content.

  • Bedhead caddis
  • Foam beetle
  • Woolen bagger
  • Skid stretch tubes
  • Policy
  • Fur ant
  • San Juan Worm
  • Poly spinner
  • All-purpose nymph
  • Conehead rabbit streamer
  • CDC Emerger
  • Soft temple wet
  • Green Wayne
  • Conehead lice
  • Deer hair bug
  • Closer thanks


Easy to get started



No instructional booklet, only DVD

Minimal tools

6. Dr. Fish Fly Tying Kit

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best flying tying kits on the list, and it comes with materials and instructions, which enable beginner fly tires to tie a large number of dry fly and nymph patterns. Comes with 55 hooks (3 different sizes) 2 tablespoons of thread, 2 tablespoons of wire, and 1 tablespoon of lead.

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Tying Kits For Fishing 13

Tools included in this fly tying kit

High-quality ways                                                                   Boban

Scissors                                                                                    Temple tongs

Bodkin                                                                                     Garbage disposal tool


Plenty of materials

High-quality materials

Unique patterns



Only 3 different sizes of hooks

Does not include any beads

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