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5 Best Fly Rod Tubes

I’m willing to spend a lot of money on fishing equipment because it’s my favorite hobby and what I really like. I think you understand. But I used to save on things like fishing rod cases. I didn’t think it was right to do that. But when I smashed my fishing rod into the car, I thought of a good defense.
Now I always carry my fishing rod in a safety case and you won’t believe it, but it has been around for a long time. A fishing rod is a delicate item that needs protection. This is especially important when you take it by car, airplane, or travel with you. The case is a big deal for such cases. If you really want to choose high quality and practical case, read my article more. I chose good things with my own opinion and the advice of my friends.


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I have no doubt about the quality of this fishing rod case. My accident happened when I put my fishing rod in this case and went fishing with my bike. Due to my negligence, it turned out that the case fell to the ground relatively fast. At that moment I thought my fishing rod was gone.
I was amazed when I saw that it was intact and did not have more than one scratch on it. Now I believe in the quality of this case and I recommend it to everyone. The case itself is designed to store fishing rods with rails. It is made in this shape so you do not have to separate the rail and the fishing rod. The standard size of the case is 4.6 meters in length. And I also want to note something like an adjustable shoulder strap.

This is very convenient because you can hang the case on your shoulder and free your hands. I usually carry a lot of things with me, so it’s important that I carry them in my hands. There is a waterproof inner lining. The case is made of nylon fabric so it is resistant to abrasion. In general, this case is simple and most importantly practical, and of high quality.

BW Sports Fly Rod Case

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The BW Sports Fly is a great option for rod anglers. They even sell dual options that allow you to carry two fly rods at a time. Depending on how much storage you need, BW Sports has an option for you. The case is designed to fit up to a 10-foot stick of 4 pieces. This is a nice extra feature for anglers. Finding a rod case that can hold a 10-foot stick is not always easy.
Extra storage is much appreciated in the BW Sports case. There are two pockets on each side of the rail storage part of the tube. These pockets can hold small beehives as well as any extra accessories you need, and the zippers are salt waterproof! Again, the more things you can put together, the better. This tube allows you to put everything you need on the water in one place.

The shoulder strap also adjusts to the BW Sports tube. The pipe is PVC and the nylon around it has proved to be durable over the years. Again, you can buy a dual fly rod holder for just a few dollars more. If you know that you are going on a journey where you may need a few bars, keep this option in mind. These aren’t the most common designs, and BW Sports has solved a lot of problems for anglers with this choice.
The case is 33 inches long, so you can even use it as a carry-on if you’re traveling. It isn’t overly cumbersome by any means.


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This matter is different in its capacity. It is suitable for 4 bars. In addition, there are 8 compartments inside which are distributed. In them, you can store rails or other equipment. There are also transparent pockets in which you can keep everything you need. In them, all your belongings will be well stored.
Do you think that is all? But that’s not all. The manufacturer has provided extra storage space outside your bag. If you are a person who always carries a lot of things on a fishing trip, then this bag was definitely made for you. Easy to carry thanks to the soft handle. Also, the bag weighs only 5 pounds.

You can carry the bag on your shoulder, but if it hurts you, you can open the shoulder strap. I would recommend this bag if you travel a lot and carry a lot of fishing gear. It is able to adjust and maintain it all.

Lixada Premium Fly Fishing Tube

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Lixada has created a sleek-looking storage option for fly anglers. The dark gray looks great and the design suits. The zipper allows the rail storage section in the middle right to open just like a book. Lixada Premium Fly Fishing Tube makes it easy for your rod to slide in and out without getting caught in the process. These zippers are waterproof.
The canvas around the PVC pipe is waterproof and quite durable. You can drop it or let it roll in the back of the truck and not worry about how it will handle potential abuse. Large pockets on the outside of the rail storage area will fit for a fly box or extra rails. You can also store small accessories if needed.

The shoulder strap on the rod tube is adjustable as well as removable. If you are looking for a beautiful offer, go ahead and remove the strap. This case is 33 inches long, and you can definitely save this 9-foot fly rod with a little space. Obviously, if you want to store something small, this is a possibility. You can’t go wrong with Lixada.


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In my opinion, this is a large and practical bag for storing your fishing rods. You can store 5 bars and rails outside the bag. There is also room for other gear inside the bag. Your fishing rods will be safe because they are secured with two straps at the top.

There is also a hook around the outer center. There is a shoulder strap for ease of carrying. If this type of equipment is not suitable for you, there is a simple handle. This bag has everything you need and most importantly no extra!

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