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Best Fly Fishing Sling Pack

The fly fishing sling pack has only one strap that you wrap around your chest. This makes it the perfect hybrid of a fly fishing hip pack (a strap you wear around your hip) and a bag. You throw the pack around your chest, hence the name Sling Pack.

Most packs are really light, weighing about 1-2 pounds, and can weigh up to 15 liters. All you have to do is choose a fly fishing sling that can carry your gear on a dry day or you need a waterproof pack (or even a submarine). In this guide, we will present to you our choice from both parts.

When it comes to water convenience, sling packs are the most important. The convenience that Sling Packs brings to the table is unlike any other pack currently on the market. The ability to keep all your belongings within arm’s reach is a complete game changer and can make a very pleasant day on the water. These packs provide longer storage, easier access, and stronger protections against water than hip and hip packs. Here are some of the best sling pack options offered by some of our favorite companies.

1. Umpqua Switch 600 ZS

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If you are looking for an amazingly versatile sling pack, check out the 10 Liter Switch 600 ZS. Claiming its popularity, it is a design that can be worn on any shoulder just by twisting the pack. So the outside of the pack is relatively smooth – but it’s just like the part that goes against your back. Rotate the pack around and the outside space will lie against your back with the central strap on your other shoulder. The boxes rotate to keep the strap positioned constantly. Great idea, really.

2. Teton Fly Fishing Pack

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The Teton Fly Fishing Pack is a great entry into the world of Fly Fishing Sling Pack. At less than $ 60, it offers many features of high-priced phishing slings. The three zipper pockets can hold a lot of stuff, especially the easily accessible front pocket. The bottom features a sleeve for carrying a water bottle and a sleeve for carrying your landing net.

The Teton Fly Fishing Pack is lighter than just 1 pound (0.45 kg). The shoulder sling is well padded and provides excellent rest for the whole day of fishing. A foam fly patch can catch your flies and the Teton fly fishing pack offers numerous attachment options everywhere.

3. Allen Company Cedar Creek Sling Pack

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After searching many lists of advanced fly fishing sling packs, we found this version of Allen to be one of the best choices.

This sling pack offers a wide opening, giving you easy access to all your essentials. You can also save a wide range of tackle boxes. It comes with a comfortable shoulder strap organizer, which has a neat storage compartment.

When you need something in a hurry, you can easily throw it away to get access to anything. The bag is lightweight and easy to maneuver, with the main compartment being able to store a wide range of fly boxes.

4. Orvis Safe Passage Sling Pack

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Orvis Safe Passage sling Pack is a smaller version of the Orvis Guide Pack. Other than the size, the two packs are practically identical. A safe passage sling is durable nylon with extra water resistance underneath. The pack also includes a mold back panel for extra comfort. This pack has all the great features you need, such as an integrated tap bar, water bottle holder, fly drawing screws, and plenty of D-rings to store extra tools. At just 1 pound and weighing 10.5 liters, this little pack is perfect for those fast creek trips. It doesn’t have as much gear as the Orvis Guide Sling Pack, but the low gear provides a more comfortable fishing experience.

5. Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Sling Pack

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Fish Pound Thunder Head Submersible Sling Pack in River Bed Chemo Pattern. It doesn’t get any better than this pack. Aesthetics, Convenience, Design… This Pack Has It All! One feature that sets Thunderhead apart from the rest is that it is 100% waterproof. The entire pack can be completely submerged while keeping all your gear dry. This pack includes a net holster, loops for attachable accessories, and a large pocket on the front with lots of storage! This pack is also made from fish pound cycle pound fabric made from recycled materials. Be sure to keep an eye out for future changes to the Thunderhead Submersible Sling Pack!

6. Patagonia Fly Fishing Vest Front Sling

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Patagonia has invented a sling pack that combines easy access to front fly fishing waist pockets with a sling pack. Flyfishing West Front Sling, which Patagonia has improved for 2018, uses multiple pockets on the front of the sling to give you easy access to fly boxes and other frequently used gear. The back is a standard sling pack with a water bottle holder, rod tube straps, and several attachment points for accessories. The pack is 8 liters. Choose the Patagonia West Front Sling if you are looking for a minimal sling that is surprisingly functional.

7. Orvis Waterproof Sling Pack

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Orvis Waterproof is the last waterproof sling pack in our test and it is completely packed with nice little features. Orvis has redesigned its traditional waterproof sling pack to incorporate beekeeper feedback into the field.

The Orvis Waterproof features a variety of attachment rings throughout the pack. The tippet spool comes in handy when you need to change the tippet in the rain. A fly patch on the Orvis waterproof can catch your used flies.

Below is the Orvis waterproof water bottle holder. With a capacity of 14L, it is with its claimants like Simms Dry Creek Z, Patagonia Guidewater 15L, or Filson Dry. Waterproof but not a submarine.

8. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Storage Bag

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Looking for a bigger, more versatile fly fishing bag?

It has two left / right interchangeable and adjustable shoulder straps, enabling you to use it as a sling shoulder bag, a backpack, a chest bag, or a backpack. The choice is yours.

The bag itself is made of water-resistant 1000D high-density nylon fabric. Includes strong KAM box and full-length double zipper (SBS).

It also has no shortage of storage – offers 3 main storage compartments and 3 zipped outer pockets. Enabling you to store everything you need, including wallets, iPhones, iPods, cameras, and even a book.

It also comes in a range of sizes and colors for you to choose from.

9. Fiblink Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Bag

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Now here’s a doll!

If you are looking for a durable fly fishing bag, designed to withstand most of the elements of nature, this Fiblink bag can cover you.

This fly fishing pack is neatly designed with high quality, 1000D heavy-duty nylon fabric, and is covered with a waterproof coating. The outer high-density ribbon also protects it from exploding or any other external damage.

It offers great storage with a large main compartment and three zipped outer pockets. You may also like the outer pocket of the back of the bag, which provides another convenient storage space.

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