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Top 5 Best Kids Fly Rod & Rail Combos 2022

Fly fishing can be a fun activity for the whole family. If you are a fan of Fly Angler, you probably can’t wait to get the little ones out on the water with you.

Fortunately, there are options when it comes to children’s fly rods and rails. Kids’ flyfishing gear is somewhat limited, but there are some great options for getting your kids started flying flyfishing! Check out the best fly rod combos for kids.

1. Echo base fly rod:

If you are looking for a fly fishing kit for kids, check out Echo Gecko. Everything you need to get on the water is pre-rigged, from rails to tapered fly lines, lids, and baking.

It’s as easy as catching some bees and heading to your local fishing grounds. You even get a sturdy rod case to keep the cane safe in the middle of a river voyage.

Unlike cheap options, this stick is durable and will last for years. The Echo Gecko Fishing Kit is of the highest quality, meaning it should last your children many years. They can get a lot of practice with this stick and gradually develop their fly fishing skills over time. The small diameter cast is perfect for learning kids and has an impressive fly rail drag system.

You will never forget your first fly fishing rod, so make your child’s first stick good. Echo Gecko is a great choice for kids learning to fish for crepes, perch, blue gulls, and even trout!

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Best Fly Fishing Rods For Kids 7

Superior quality compared to cheap options

Designed especially for little hands

The soft action is ideal

Cute, bright designs


Expensive for baby poles.

This can be very long for small children.

2. Flogger flies fishing kit:

This is a neat cut that will not break the bank. On her face, it looks very decent.

You get a stick with a good cork grip, which includes a rail, and even a 25-yard line. These are just a few of the bees that are missing (which means you’ll have to worry about yourself at least 10 times an hour).

This rod is custom-made for easy casting. The space looks quite thick, which should add an extra element of stability. The rails are also designed with a stick, so if you want a balanced setup out of the box, this is for you.

The rail is made of plastic. And, to be honest, this is a weak point. I found the drag to be quite ineffective overall. But he said, the price is peanuts, so you won’t get Orvis quality.

Once again, I’m focusing on choosing an 8-foot rod to make casting and handling a little more manageable.

Image 6

It was really cheap.

I quite like the thicker blank. There’s less chance of it breaking.

Apart from flies, it is good to go straight out of the box.


The rod is a little too heavy.

The reel is enclosed. When the inevitable tangles happen, it is going to be a nuisance to unpick.

It doesn’t come with a carry

3. Free Hawk Kids Fishing Pool:

For a child’s first trip, you won’t go wrong with the Freehawk Kit. Your child will be thrilled to have their own telescopic fishing rod, and they will be even happier to see all the accessories and equipment that are coming.

Choose from 3 bright colors – red, green, or blue. You won’t find any cunning designs here, just a strong fishing gear that will keep your child longevity. The quality is exceptional for this low, affordable price.

The smooth rail seat looks cool and durable, while the rails are quick and easy to assemble and remove. Your child will also find it comfortable to hold the ergonomic handle on all-day fishing trips. Don’t worry about losing your greed or other small things, because everything is packed in a neat tackle case.

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Best Fly Fishing Rods For Kids 8

This kit has everything you need for a trip to the lake or river

Designed to fit well in a child’s hands

Simple to use

High-quality materials and construction

Low, affordable price


Some users report that the tackle box is prone to breaking

Best for beginner fishers only

4. Wakeman flies fishing rod and rail combo:

You know, baby; if something can break, it will. Also, they get bored quickly with passion.

With this fly phishing setup, it won’t be too much of a problem.


The standout feature is how low it costs. It is not full of many technical features. But if you want to get your little one involved in fly fishing, or he (or she) wants to come and catch a fly rod ‘like a father’, this would be a great choice.

It comes with everything you need, including a line, a rail, and even a few dry flies. It also comes with a handy case, so you can easily carry it with the rest of your luggage.

I will be honest

It’s not going to handle monster trout, but it will allow youngsters to learn to cast with a tough process and being a little younger

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Best Fly Fishing Rods For Kids 9

It’s a budget offering, great for kids.

It comes with everything a child would need to ‘go fishing’.

It is pretty durable.


I wish it was a little lighter.

The line isn’t the best I have ever seen.

5. Plesino Kids telescopic fishing rod and rail combo:

This PLUSINNO telescopic rod and spin-cast rail combo have been carefully designed for youth fishing. The handle is ergonomic and the right size for children’s hands, while the rail is one of the best spin cast rails for children to use.

PLUSINNO has created a children’s fishing pool and rail combo that weighs very little and is packaged in a compact size. You can take it on all your family trips to get your child involved. It comes with a choice of bright blue or cool black handles.

You get tackles, greed, boobers, and more. There is no need to store or dispose of other accessories before going out on the water. While it may not stand up to the big fish, kids will enjoy this combo. Buy this rod combo for a practical, easy, and affordable way to share the joy of fishing with your family.

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Best Fly Fishing Rods For Kids 10

Weighs just 2.2 oz – perfect for kids

Reasonable price

The whole kit tucks neatly away in the tackle box

A lot of flex on this rod tip


Kid casters will only be able to cast short distances with this pole The line isn’t high quality – you’d be better off buying a new one

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